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  • Agrivite Nutrimin Cider Vinegar

    FROM £3.95

    Raw apple cider vinegar, containing the ‘mother’. Used by poultry keepers and discerning stockmen for generations! Rich in minerals and trace elements.

    Cider Vinegar is non-toxic and beneficial for all livestock. Supports optimal well-being and health.

  • Cottage Craft Junior Grooming Kit


    An essential grooming kit for the young rider. The kit comes in an easy to carry bag containing:

    • Body Brush
    • Dandy Brush
    • Plastic Curry Comb
    • Mane Comb
    • Hoof Pick.

    Available in Black or Pink.

  • Sold out

    Eton Galvanised Metal Hand Bowl/Scoop


    Galvanised metal hand bowl/ feed scoop with beaded edge and robust wooden handle.

  • Eton Robust Aluminium Feed Scoop (1kg)


    Robust aluminium feed scoop, holds approximately 1kg of feed.

  • Sold out

    FlyTak Sticky Classic Mini Fly Catcher Rolls (Pack of 4)


    To control flies indoors. Transparent glue strips for attaching to windows.

  • Kevin Bacon’s Original Hoof Dressing

    FROM £13.99

    Kevin Bacon’s Hoof Dressing is a laurel balm for the care and protection of horses’ hooves.

    The hoof dressing is a 100% natural product made from animal fat and fresh laurel leaves that have been macerated to release their active substances.

    Regular use of the hoof dressing prevents the hoof wall from drying, protects it from the wet, and activates horn growth. All of these properties make it a remarkable product that is used and recommended by all riding professionals.

    • Prevents thrush.
    • Protects against the wet.
    • Restores and maintains a healthy hoof when used daily.


  • NEW

    Magic Brush – Set of 3


    The Magic Brush is a versatile brush that gets your horse perfectly clean!

    • Can be used on the coat, legs and hooves
    • Mud, dirt and dried sweat can be easily removed
    • Massages your horse during grooming
    • Removes horse hair from riding clothes and saddle cloths
  • Moorland Rider Horsewear Wash Bag – Orange

    FROM £10.50

    HOW IT WORKS . . . The wash-bag acts like a filtration system for your washing machine.  It works by retaining all horse hair inside the bag during the wash cycle, whilst allowing a free flow of water through the bag to clean your items.

    AFTER WASHING . . . Any trapped horse hair can be easily shaken out of the bag, ready for re-use.

    LEAVES YOUR MACHINE CLEAN . . . Using the wash-bag leaves your washing machine completely clean and free from hair.

    HELPS PREVENT BUCKLE DAMAGE . . . The wash-bag also prevents buckle damage to your machine when washing items such as girths and rugs.

    EASY TO USE . . . The wash-bag is very user friendly with a zip front closure and useful hanging loop.  When not in use, the wash-bag is handy for storing away your horse laundry until ready for washing.

    • Wash Numnahs, Saddle Pads, Stable Rugs, Exercise Sheets, Fly Rugs & Masks, Girths, Travel Boots, Bandages and Pads.

    Small – 41 x 54cm. Large – 58 x 75cm. Jumbo – 75 x 80cm.

  • NAF Cooling Wash (500ml)


    No rinse, no worries. Prepare to be cool and wash the build up of sweat and dust right out of your horse’s hair with this cooling no rinse body wash. Designed to cool down, relax and refresh tired muscles after periods of strenuous exercise or hot summer days.

    Add a couple of capfuls to 5 litres of water to wash down your horse.

  • Neosorexa Gold Rat Packs

    FROM £13.95

    Neosorexa Gold mixed grain bait, packed into individual sachets. Contains difenacoum.

    Note: No more than 1.5kg of rat bait can be purchased in one transaction.

  • Nettex All Purpose Animal Dressing

    • An effective healing aid to assist in wound management
    • Can be applied hot, cold or dry dressing
    • Easy to use and can be cut to fit any sized wound
  • Nettex All Purpose Vits & Mins (1.5kg)

    • An all-round general purpose vitamin and mineral supplement that can be fed daily to supplement the diet promoting overall health and vitality
    • Excellent for horses and ponies that are on basic diets and require additional nutrients
    • For older horses to give added support
    • For competition horses to maintain performance

    Directions for use

    Horses: Feed 50g a day mixed with feed
    Ponies: Feed 30g a day mixed with feed


    Key ingredients:
    Vitamins: A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12, D3, E, K Biotin, Choline Chloride.
    Trace elements: Manganese, Zinc, Iodine, Copper, Iron, Cobalt, Selenium.
    Probiotics: Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
    Prebiotics: Brewer’s Yeast.

  • Nettex Bactocyde Anti Bacterial Trigger Spray (500ml)


    A ready-to-use, trigger-spray disinfectant that kills a wide range of micro-organisms found on farm.

    • Many common conditions caused by microorganisms can be cleansed with quick and effective disinfectants such as Bactocyde
    • The formulation is kind to skin and suitable for use on all livestock including horses

    Contains: Benzalkonium chloride, phenoxyethanol, glutaraldehyde and iodine

  • Nettex Biotin +

    FROM £16.99
    • Delivers 50mg of Biotin per feed with added vitamins and minerals – key ingredients for healthy hoof growth
    • Aids in the formation and strength of Keratin, the protein that constitutes much of the hoof wall
    • Also promotes healthy skin and coat – rapid improvement in coat condition
    • Easily absorbed for added effectiveness

    Directions for use

    Horses up to 15hh: Feed 30g per day mixed with feed

    Horses over 15hh: Feed 40g per day mixed with feed

    Ponies up to 14.2hh: Feed 20g per day mixed with feed

    1 rounded (20ml) scoop dispenses approximately 15g


    Key ingredients: Biotin, MSM, Linseed, Vitamins A, B6, D3 & E, Choline chloride, Manganese, Zinc, Methionine, Lysine, Cysteine and Brewer’s yeast.

    Delivers 50mg of Biotin per feed.

  • Nettex Biotin Everyday (1.5kg)

    • Delivers 15mg of Biotin per feed
    • Provides nutritional support on a daily basis to maintain healthy hoof growth and healthy skin and coats
    • Can be fed all year round to horses and ponies who do not suffer from severe hoof conditions to maintain hoof health and keep manes, tails and coats in general good condition

    Directions for use

    Horses: Feed 30gm per day mixed with feed
    Ponies: Feed 20gm per day mixed with feed


    Key ingredients: Biotin, MSM, Linseed, Vitamins A, D3 & E, Manganese, Zinc, Calcium, Phosphorus, Methionine, Lysine and Brewer’s yeast.
    Delivers 15mg of Biotin per feed.

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