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Identification & Marker Sprays

Our range of high quality sheep marker sprays and marker crayons are available in various vibrant colours and are fully scourable.

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    Nettex Anti-Chaf Ram Harness

    FROM £14.99

    Sure Sired Ram Harnesses are British manufactured at Nettex.

    Each harness is designed to deliver strength and comfort without sharp edges that could cut or chafe.

    A unique crayon holder design ensures firm, secure crayon retention, and accepts most leading brands.

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    Nettex Lamb Macs (Pack of 100)


    Foul weather kills lambs

    Nettex Lamb Macs will help protect against hypothermia by keeping out wet and wind.

    Designed to slip over the lamb’s head and secured by all four legs for maximum security, comfort and protection.

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    Nettex Marksman Marker Spray (400ml)


    Approved by the British Wool Marketing Board, Nettex Marksman marker spray has provided farmers with a reliable stock marking solution for more than 20 years.

    • Available in vibrant colours: red, blue, green
    • Weather resistant and fully scourable
    • Quick drying formulation
    • Works on both wet and dry fleeces
    • Suitable for use on sheep and cattle
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    Nettex Promark Marker Spray (400ml)


    A step forward in the identification market,  Nettex Promark is a premium, long lasting, fully scourable, professional marker spray for sheep farmers.

    • Available in seven vibrant colours: red, blue, green, orange, yellow, purple and black
    • Waterproof, long-lasting yet fully scourable
    • Rapid drying formulation
    • Works on both wet and dry fleeces
    • Guaranteed not to clog when spraying
    • British Wool Tested & Approved
  • Nettex Sure Sired Marker Crayons (All Weather Use)


    Rated by the British Wool Marketing Board as the best group of marker crayons in extensive weather tests, Sure Sired Marker Crayons are bright, durable and fully scourable.

    • Available in six colours: Red, blue, green, orange, yellow and black
    • Long life formulation – mark more ewes per block
    • Presented in robust plastic containers
    • Secure holding mechanism within Nettex ram harnesses
    • Will not injure the ewe when worn down

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