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Starter Kits

Our range of poultry starter kits are perfect for the beginner chicken keeper or for when you want to try new products in economy sizes.

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    Agrivite Nutri-Peck Block

    FROM £2.99

    Nutritious pecking block to provide interest and prevent boredom in the chicken run. Ideal as a distraction to prevent feather pecking – much loved by hens of all ages!

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    Eton Cardboard Transport Box


    Flat-packed robust, ventilated cardboard transport box suitable for live birds, small animals and dressed turkeys.

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    Eton Galvanised Metal Hand Bowl/Scoop


    Galvanised metal hand bowl/ feed scoop with beaded edge and robust wooden handle.

  • Eton Grey Fibre 30-Egg Trays


    Shrink-packed, pack of 10 grey fibre trays.  30 eggs per tray.

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    Eton Plastic Keyes Trays – Assorted Colours


    Robust, flexible, long-lasting and designed for optimum drainage when used in egg washers. 30 eggs per tray.

    Pack of 4 assorted colours (colours my vary).

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    Eton Pre-Printed Free Range Egg Boxes – 20 x 1/2 doz


    Shrink-packed, flat-top, pre-printed Free Range egg boxes.

    Pack contains 20 x half dozen boxes.

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    Eton Robust Aluminium Feed Scoop (1kg)


    Robust aluminium feed scoop, holds approximately 1kg of feed.

  • Eton Robust Plastic Drinker

    FROM £4.95

    High quality, robust chick/chicken drinker. Secure twist-lock fastening.

    Suitable for chicks/quail/aviary and other poultry birds.

    Available in red/white and green/white.

  • Eton Robust Plastic Feeder

    FROM £4.95

    Robust, moulded plastic standing chick/ chicken feeder with clip-on lids and grid to minimise food wastage.

    Suitable for chicks/quail/aviary and other poultry birds.

    Available in red/white and green/white.

  • Nettex plastic scoop (1kg)

    • Multi-purpose feed scoop
    • 1kg feed capacity
    • Strong durable plastic
    • Easy to clean
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    Nettex Poultry Starter Kit (for up to 8 birds)


    Nettex’s Poultry Starter Kit has been designed to provide all the necessary products essential to help maintain and improve the health and vitality of your flock.

    It’s a great way to see how Nettex products work together to improve the welfare of your chickens.

    The kit contains:

    • Total Mite Kill Powder (200g)
    • Total Mite Kill Aerosol (250ml)
    • Herbal Gut Conditioner (100ml)
    • Ground Sanitising Powder (500g)
    • Vitamin Boost+ Seaweed Liquid (100ml)
    • FREE feed scoop & sachet of seaweed, and a Nettex Poultry product guide
    • Contained in a large bucket, useful for skipping out or even feed storage

    Suitable for up to 8 birds. It should last at least 8 weeks (some products will last longer).

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    Nettex Total Mite Kill Trial Pack


    The perfect Red Mite solution pack.

    The pack contains:

    • Nettex Total Mite Kill Aerosol (250ml)
    • Nettex Total Mite Kill Powder (Hygiene Powder) (200g)
    • FREE Nettex Total Mite Kill Ready to Use Spray (250ml)
  • Woodshavings

    FROM £2.99

    Compressed pack of clean, dust free woodshavings.

    Ideal for rearing small numbers of chicks or bedding small animals.

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