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Leather Care

Our range of horse Leather Care products has everything you need to cleanse, nourish, protect and restore horse tack and leather accessories. From a quick wipe over when time is short to a complete and thorough clean to maintain the longevity of the leather.

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    Nettex Bit Wipes – Peppermint

    • Pot of 50 hygienic easy to use wipes that quickly remove the build-up of dirt and debris from the bit rings and mouthpieces
    • Saves the need to rinse bit under water, preventing leather getting wet
    • Ideal when introducing the bit to a young horse for the first time and to help relax bit shy horses
    • Encourages salivation and acceptance of the bit
    • Ideal for show days when in between classes
    • Ideal to clean the bit if horses are sharing
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    Nettex Neatsfoot Oil with Brush (400ml)

    • Easy to apply fast acting formula that reconditions dry and brittle leather tack
    • Fast acting and penetrating formula
    • Ideal to use when tack has been in storage
    • Restores the natural properties of worn or weathered leather
    • Can be applied to new leather to make it supple and strong
    • Will not rot stitching
    • Easy to use brush applicator to prevent wastage and mess
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    Nettex Premium Leather Balm (300ml)

    • An easy to apply rich cream to cleanse, nourish and restore dry leather back to its natural condition
    • Formula does not build up on the surface of the leather which then leads to the build-up of dirt and grime
    • Keeps leather soft, supple and durable against wet weather
    • Does not rot stitching
    • For optimum results, before applying Nettex Premium Leather Balm, use Nettex Traditional Tack Cleaner to remove all dirt, grease and grime
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    Nettex Tack Cleaning Wipes

    • Pot of 50 easy to use wipes that can be used on all types of leather
    • Provides an instant shine to all leather tack and accessories
    • Ideal to use at shows or for a quick clean when time is short
    • Antibacterial agents to cleanse leather, this is especially important if tack is shared by other horses and ponies
    • Contains Neatsfoot oil for suppleness
    • Ideal to use in between your weekly thorough strip clean
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    Nettex Traditional Tack Cleaner

    FROM £4.49
    • A simple to use, spray on wipe off quick and efficient tack cleaner to remove dirt, sweat and grease
    • Antibacterial agents prevent cross infection from shared tack and prevent build-up of mould
    • Weatherproofs leather and does not rot stitching
    • Non-greasy formulation
    • Penetrates deep into the leather to lift ground-in grime
    • Can be used on all shades of leather as it will not strip the leather of its natural colours
    • Use in conjunction with Nettex Traditional Tack Conditioner for a complete leather care treatment
  • Nettex Traditional Tack Conditioner

    FROM £4.99
    • Contains natural oils to penetrate deep into the leather
    • Keeps leather soft, supple and weather resistant
    • Easily absorbed
    • Helps to prevent the build-up of mould and will not rot stitching
    • Provides a lustrous finish
    • Antibacterial agents to sanitise shared tack
    • Use in conjunction with Nettex Traditional Tack Cleaner for a complete leather care treatment

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