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Insecticides, Fly Repellents & Pest Control

Our range of insecticides and fly repellents are designed to repel nuisance insects in the housing area and on sheep and lambs

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    FlyTak Sticky Classic Mini Fly Catcher Rolls (Pack of 4)


    To control flies indoors. Transparent glue strips for attaching to windows.

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    Neosorexa Gold Rat Packs

    FROM £13.95

    Neosorexa Gold mixed grain bait, packed into individual sachets. Contains difenacoum.

    Note: No more than 1.5kg of rat bait can be purchased in one transaction.

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    Nettex Dairy Fly Spray (4.5L)

    • Insecticide for professional use against flies, midges, wasps, gnats, mosquitoes and other flying insects
    • Ready to use contact killer
    • Permethrin based, Dairy Fly Spray will kill insects on contact and is suitable for use in dairies, milking parlours and other farm buildings
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    Nettex Fly and Maggot Killer (450ml)

    • Powerful, fast acting insecticidal spray formulated to kill most flying and crawling insects
    • Safe for using in food preparation and livestock areas, it destroys flies, mosquitoes, blowfly and maggots
    • For use only as an insecticide, as a surface spray and space treatment.
    • Do not apply directly to animals.

    Contains: Tetramethrin, Permethrin, d-Phenothrin and Pyrethrums.

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    Nettex Fly Strike Plus Spray – Blowfly Repellent (250ml)

    • Effective blowfly repellent
    • Combination of two fly repellents, an antibacterial  action to clean and disinfect minor wounds, and easily absorbed oils and lanolin’s to provide long term repellent action whilst soothing irritation
    • Each application leaves a weather resistant film
  • Nettex Louse Powder

    FROM £4.95
    • Ready-to-use Permethrin based insecticidal powder
    • Combines a rapid knockdown and kill with a sustained residual activity
    • Especially effective against lice and fleas it will also kill most crawling and flying insects

    For use on hard porous and non-porous surfaces, soft furnishings, pet bedding, skirting boards, inside door frames, animal houses and sheds.

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    Nettex Professional Fly Killer (4.5L)

    • Ready-to-use contact killer with residual activity
    • Targets species such as, flies, mosquitoes, wasps, ants, gnats, cockroaches, earwigs, midges, beetles, lice, bristletails, silverfish, fleas, moths, mites and ticks
    • For use in and around buildings and yards including dairies, milking parlours, animal houses
    • Suitable for commercial premises such as food storage areas, refuse tips and greenhouses

    Can be used on hard porous and non-porous surfaces. Cannot be sprayed directly onto animals.

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    Nettex Terminal Fly & Insect Killer (400ml)

    • Food-safe aerosol insecticide for use in dairies, kitchens and other food preparation areas
    • High quality formula targets pests including flies, wasps, mosquitoes, moths, fleas, lice and cockroaches
  • Nettex Total Mite Kill Spray (Aerosol)

    FROM £9.99

    A rapid knockdown insecticide in an aerosol format. Specifically formulated to kill common mites (red, depluming and northern mites) in poultry houses, arks, coops and outbuildings etc.

    Total Mite Kill Spray is effective against house flies, blow flies, small dung flies, lice, fleas, wasps, mosquitoes and moths.

    Migrating mites will be controlled as its long-lasting residual action penetrates deep into crevices where mites burrow.

    How To Use

    Use once a month throughout the year, especially during winter to destory dormant mites. Continue to use to prevent and control mite infestation during the warmer months when mites are prevalent.

    Spray inside the coop deep into nooks and crannies where mites burrow. It can be used on hard porpous and non-porpous surfaces.

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    RedTop Fly Trap


    Simple to use, disposable, outdoor trap – catches up to 20,000 flies.

    Does not attract bees. Non-toxic, biodegradable bait, does not contain pesticides.

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