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Nettex Total Mite Kill Spray (Aerosol)

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A rapid knockdown insecticide in an aerosol format. Specifically formulated to kill common mites (red, depluming and northern mites) in poultry houses, arks, coops and outbuildings etc.

Total Mite Kill Spray is effective against house flies, blow flies, small dung flies, lice, fleas, wasps, mosquitoes and moths.

Migrating mites will be controlled as its long-lasting residual action penetrates deep into crevices where mites burrow.

How To Use

Use once a month throughout the year, especially during winter to destory dormant mites. Continue to use to prevent and control mite infestation during the warmer months when mites are prevalent.

Spray inside the coop deep into nooks and crannies where mites burrow. It can be used on hard porpous and non-porpous surfaces.

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