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Sheep Foot Care

Our range of sheep foot health products including Foot Rot Shears and Antibacterial Sprays are designed to prevent and manage foot problems such as sheep lameness.

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    Nettex Foot Rot Shears (Green)

    • Forged steel construction with serrated blade
    • Lockable handle catch
    • 24cm
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    Nettex Footmaster Aerosol Spray

    FROM £4.49

    Nettex Footmaster is a concentrated disinfectant spray for the effective support of livestock foot health.

    • Foot conditions in livestock are not only a health and welfare issue but also have a significant impact on growth and production
    • Prompt and effective application at the first signs of a condition with Nettex Footmaster will rapidly support foot health.
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    Nettex Hoof Knife

    • High quality stainless steel
    • Comfort grip wooden handle
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    Nettex Lameless Ready to Use – formerly Dermaphenox (500ml)


    An on-the-spot, powerful trigger spray application providing a triple level solution to a range of foot problems in sheep and cattle.

    LAMELESS Ready To Use incorporates a combination of nontoxic antibacterial actives to rapidly kill the bacteria that can be associated with lameness problems, and an effective reinforcing agent to help support foot health.

    • Foot rot in sheep and digital dermatitis in cattle are two of the most prevalent and costly foot health conditions on farm
    • Application at first sight of the powerful formulation contained in LAMELESS Ready To Use can help provide effective support for foot health on farm

    Contains: Benzalkonium chloride, phenoxyethanol, glutaraldehyde.

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    Nettex Myti-Lyte MK II (Lamb Foot Rot Shears)

    FROM £1.49

    Nettex Foot Rot Shears

    • Multi use, lightweight foot shear is designed for small hands
    • Narrow pointed blades reach hard to access areas
  • Nettex Sure Wrap Cohesive Bandages

    • Flexible multi-purpose use cohesive bandage
    • Easy to apply, self-adhesive, water resistant and lightweight
    • Combines softness, strength and durability
    • Non-slip offers support and protection
    • No compromise in quality
    • 10cm x 4.5m (stretched)

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