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Cattle Nutrition & Calf Colostrum

Our range of nutritional supplements for both the cow and calf including Electrolytes, Calf Colostrum and Calf Milk Replacers for everyday general health.

  • Nettex Calf Feeder Bag


    Robust 2.5 litre bag with a stomach feeder tube in a clear, sterilized, Euro slot holder bag.

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    Nettex Calf Kick Start (240ml)


    A rapid energy boost for weak, small and unthrifty calves.

    When calves are struggling give them a boost with Nettex Calf Kick Start. Calf Kick Start is a source of energy and nutrients for unthrifty, sick and scouring calves. Calf Kick Start is ideal for weak newborns struggling to stand. Ideal for use in newborn calves through to 3 months old.

    • Calves that don’t stand and suckle (dam or bottle) soon after birth are at risk
    • Easy to administer Calf Kick Start helps get calves up and suckling vigorously, quickly

    Contains: Propan 1, 2 diol, cane molasses, vitamins and minerals

    8 feeds per 240ml

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    Nettex Cattle Vitamin & Mineral Drench

    FROM £28.99

    Packed with nutrition, Nettex Cattle Drench is a high specification vitamin and mineral drench for calves, yearlings, cows and bulls.

    Specifically formulated to give cattle a nutritional boost at key times of year, Cattle Drench provides an immediately available source of glycogenic energy, vitamins, amino acids and trace elements to help support health and yield, ensuring animals are in the best condition possible.

    Drench calves/yearlings to help support liveweight gains, administer to cows to help counteract calving stress and weight loss and drench bulls to help support energy, condition and fertility.

    Nettex drenches all contain Collate technology.

    This technology utilises a fast working energy carrier system that delivers optimum nutritional value when it is most required. Providing nutritional value into the bloodstream maximisng effect and minimising waste. This ensures weak and poor stock get a healthy start to life to provide maximum profitability.

    • Forage provides a large proportion of the diet of many cattle and is often lacking in essential minerals and trace elements
    • Imbalances and deficiencies of minerals and trace elements can have adverse effects on live weight gains and fertility
    • Nettex cattle drench can help balance forage shortfalls and ensure adequate status

    Contains: Propan 1, 2-diol, glycerine, vitamins, amino acids and minerals

    How To Use

    Calves – 1-3 months – 15ml, 3-6 months – 20ml, 6-12 months – 30ml

    Yearlings – 40ml

    Cows/Bulls – 60ml

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    Nettex Cobalt Selenium B12 Drench

    FROM £28.99

    Unlock performance potential with this specific trace element and vitamin supplement for cattle and sheep.

    • Large areas of the UK are cobalt and selenium deficient, practices such as liming and pasture improvement have exacerbated this situation
    • Cobalt is essential for growth and development of young stock and has important implications in ruminant fertility
    • Animals deficient in cobalt and selenium will substantially under perform
    • Cobalt and Vitamin B12 also contains additional vitamins A, D, E and B1 for added performance potential
    • Cobalt and Vitamin B12 should only be fed to animals requiring an additional source of these elements

    Contains: Propan 1,2-diol, cane molasses ,amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

    How To Use

    Calves (4+ weeks) – 5ml

    Yearlings – 10ml

    Mature – 15ml

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    Nettex Fresh Calver Electrolyte (1kg sachets)

    FROM £49.99

    A palatable supplement for the freshly calved cow to provide energy, calcium and electrolytes

    • The calving period is a critical phase in the lactation cycle
    • A successful start for cows and calves is essential
    • Calving cows are at risk of dystocia, hypocalcaemia, displaced abomasum and reatined foetal membranes
    • Fresh Calver provides:

    – Immediately available energy
    – Electrolytes to aid rehydration post calving
    – Available calcium to help support increased demand
    -Vitamin E and selenium to help support cleansing

    Contains: Energy, Electrolytes and Calcium

    How To Use

    1kg in 15-20L of water, immediatley post calving

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    Nettex Hydra-Scour Calf Electrolyte (48 x 100g sachets)


    Nettex Hydra-Scour is indicated for calves. In case of risk of, during periods of, or recovery from digestive disturbance (diarrhoea).

    This 3 in 1 oral rehydration formula contains energy, electrolytes and an alkalising agent to help resolve diarrhoa quickly.

    • Calves suffering from scour will dehydrate quickly
    • An effective and easy to use oral rehydration product is a must-have on all farms

    At the first signs of diarrhoea feed 2 litres of prepared Hydra-Scour solution twice daily for at least 2 days. If milk feeding is to be continued, ensure a 3 hour gap between electrolyte and milk feeding.

    Contains: Dextrose, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Acetate, Potassium Chloride, Monoammonium Phosphate.

    How To Use

    100g of powder in 12 litres of warm water, twice daily.

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    Nettex Keto Gold

    FROM £9.99

    A glucogenic energy source for reduction of the risk of ketosis.

    Formulated to help get cows back on their feet as quickly as possible pre and post calving, Keto Gold provides cows with an immediately available source of energy. It is also packed with vitamins, amino acids and trace elements. Give to ketotic, lethargic, off their feed and performance compromised cows, especially around calving. Can be given to any calving cow as a precautionary measure.

    • Ketosis occurs when the cows energy supply has been exhausted  and she mobilises body fat reserves to combat this energy deficit
    • Fat enters the blood stream where it is transported to the liver for processing. This method of energy production produces ketones as a by-product, resulting in ketosis and the classic “pear drops smell”
    • Fast acting bovine rapid provides ketotic cows with vital sources of energy

    Contains: Propan 1, 2 diol, cane molasses, vitamins and minerals

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    Nettex Premium Metal Drench Gun

    FROM £20.83
    • Robust 10ml or 30ml auto drencher
    • Metal body with accurate settings
    • For sheep and cattle
    • Includes spare parts and tubing
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    Nettex Roto-Corona Plus Syringe (Pack of 3)


    A complementary feed that helps support the newborn calf’s natural defences against the challenges of life.

    Nettex Roto Corona Plus provides newborn and transported calves with highly concentrated digestible energy and bovine proteins to help get them off to a great start. Ideal for administering at times of stress such as transport.

    • Administering one Nettex Roto Corona plus syringe soon after birth can help support natural defences to the challenges of life

    Contains: Coconut oil, corn oil, egg protein, dried bovine colostrum, whey protein and vitamins

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