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General Cattle Health Products

Our range of cattle health products including calving Lubricants, Disposable Gloves are necessary for times such as at calving.

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    Disposable Arm Length Gloves (Pack 100)


    Disposable Examination Arm Length Gloves

    • Suitable for all rectal examinations and artificial insemination
    • 95 cm length
    • One size fits all
    • Supplied in a dispensing box of 100 gloves

    Note: Glove colour may vary.

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    Disposable Latex Gloves – Wrist length

    • Close fitting, lightly powdered gloves
    • Ambidextrous
    • Supplied in a dispensing box of 100 gloves
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    Nettex Agri-Gel

    FROM £3.33

    Nettex Agri-Gel is a long lasting lubricant gel for use on all animals.

    Suitable for:

    • Calving or lambing
    • Obstetric use
    • Pregnancy diagnosis
    • Scanning
    • A.I
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    Nettex Cotton Halter (Large)


    Nettex halter for large animals. White.

  • Nettex Digital Thermometer (Celsius)


    Rapid, easily read and accurate temperature reading (centigrade) of all animals.

    Especially useful for diagnosing hypothermia in lambs.

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    Nettex Footmaster Aerosol Spray

    FROM £3.74

    Nettex Footmaster is a concentrated disinfectant spray for the effective support of livestock foot health.

    • Foot conditions in livestock are not only a health and welfare issue but also have a significant impact on growth and production
    • Prompt and effective application at the first signs of a condition with Nettex Footmaster will rapidly support foot health.
  • Nettex One Step Animal Shampoo

    FROM £6.25
    • Low foaming, easy to use and suitable for all livestock and horses
    • Will cleanse and condition the coat, skin and pores to improve health and appearance
    • Contains cosmetic grade ingriedents
  • Nettex Sure Wrap Cohesive Bandages

    • Flexible multi-purpose use cohesive bandage
    • Easy to apply, self-adhesive, water resistant and lightweight
    • Combines softness, strength and durability
    • Non-slip offers support and protection
    • No compromise in quality
    • 10cm x 4.5m (stretched)
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    Nettex Traditional Pig Oil

    FROM £9.96
    • Provides a lustrous shine for show animals
    • Prevents coat staining
    • Helps tackle problem lice
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    Nettex Veterinary Surgical Scrub

    FROM £4.99

    An immediate, antimicrobial skin cleanser.

    • Fast acting, broad spectrum, antibacterial skin cleansing liquid scrub
    • Kind to the skin, and suitable for use all over the body
    • Surgical scrub can be used for any application where hygiene is of paramount importance; including veterinary pre and post-operative procedures

    Directions for use:

    After wetting hands with water, apply approximately 3.5ml of Surgical Scrub and rub in thoroughly for one minute, add a little extra water to develop a lather and finally rinse off with running water.

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