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Nettex Cobalt Selenium B12 Drench

FROM £28.99

Unlock performance potential with this specific trace element and vitamin supplement for cattle and sheep.

  • Large areas of the UK are cobalt and selenium deficient, practices such as liming and pasture improvement have exacerbated this situation
  • Cobalt is essential for growth and development of young stock and has important implications in ruminant fertility
  • Animals deficient in cobalt and selenium will substantially under perform
  • Cobalt and Vitamin B12 also contains additional vitamins A, D, E and B1 for added performance potential
  • Cobalt and Vitamin B12 should only be fed to animals requiring an additional source of these elements

Contains: Propan 1,2-diol, cane molasses ,amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

How To Use

Calves (4+ weeks) – 5ml

Yearlings – 10ml

Mature – 15ml

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