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    Agrivite Mixed Poultry Grit

    FROM £2.99

    Mixed soluble and insoluble poultry grit. The best choice for those who don’t want to offer separate grits.

  • Agrivite Nutri-Peck Block

    FROM £2.99

    Nutritious pecking block to provide interest and prevent boredom in the chicken run. Ideal as a distraction to prevent feather pecking – much loved by hens of all ages!

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    Agrivite Nutrimin Cider Vinegar

    FROM £3.95

    Raw apple cider vinegar, containing the ‘mother’. Used by poultry keepers and discerning stockmen for generations! Rich in minerals and trace elements.

    Cider Vinegar is non-toxic and beneficial for all livestock. Supports optimal well-being and health.

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    Chicktec Smart 20 Automatic Incubator


    Fan-assisted air flow, automatic turning, superb visibility dome lid, analogue temperature control, glass thermometer. Made in EU.

    Capacity – 18-20 chicken, 27 pheasant/ guinea fowl, 45 partridge/ quail, 12 goose.

    Colours – May vary depending on manufacture availability.

    Note: Please allow 7-10 working days for delivery.

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    Disposable Arm Length Gloves (Pack 100)


    Disposable Examination Arm Length Gloves

    • Suitable for all rectal examinations and artificial insemination
    • 95 cm length
    • One size fits all
    • Supplied in a dispensing box of 100 gloves

    Note: Glove colour may vary.

  • Disposable Latex Gloves – Wrist length

    • Close fitting, lightly powdered gloves
    • Ambidextrous
    • Supplied in a dispensing box of 100 gloves
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    Eton Cardboard Transport Box


    Flat-packed robust, ventilated cardboard transport box suitable for live birds, small animals and dressed turkeys.

  • Eton Clic Leg Rings – Assorted Colours

    FROM £3.95

    Pack of 100 assorted colours bird/ poultry leg rings. Easy to attach and un-attach with simple click mechanism.

    • 8mm – Suitable for pigeons, quails and growing birds
    • 12mm- Suitable for light breed chickens/ bantams and gamebirds
    • 16mm – Suitable for heavy breed chickens and ducks
  • Sold out

    Eton Covered 3-section Grit Hopper

    • Robust plastic 3-section feeder
    • Can be used for grit, seed or feed
    • 3 section divider, to allow for grit/see/ feed to be fed at the same time
    • Suitable for aviaries, pigeons and small poultry
  • Sold out

    Eton Free Range Egg Box Labels


    Attractive and colourful self-adhesive labels to fit Eton standard egg boxes. Designed to have own address label or label-applicator sticker applied.

    108.5mm x 64mm. Roll of 1000 labels.

    Note: Please allow 7-10 working days for delivery.

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    Eton Galvanised Grit/Feed Hopper (2.5kg)


    Galvanised, wall-mounted or standing grit/feed 2.5kg hopper, top fill.

    Now with improved, non-corroding plastic trough.

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    Eton Galvanised Metal Hand Bowl/Scoop


    Galvanised metal hand bowl/ feed scoop with beaded edge and robust wooden handle.

  • Sold out

    Eton Galvanised Treadle Feeder

    FROM £43.95

    Galvanised, vermin-resistant, all-weather feeder. Feed is only exposed when hen steps on treadle. New smooth treadle action eliminates unwanted noise as the treadle moves. Secure catch keeps lid shut. Supplied flat-packed for easy transport.

  • Eton Grey Fibre 30-Egg Trays


    Shrink-packed, pack of 10 grey fibre trays.  30 eggs per tray.

  • Sold out

    Eton Plain Egg Boxes – Grey 24 x 1/2 doz


    Shrink-packed plain grey egg boxes.

    Pack contains 24 x half dozen boxes.

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