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    HJ Lea Oakes Heritage Mixed Poultry Corn 20kg


    A complementary feed that is suitable to feed to adult poultry.

    Heritage Mixed Poultry Corn contains a mixture of maize and wheat, to be enjoyed by all types of adult poultry.

    Click & Collect only from DE65 5DE.

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    Neosorexa Gold Rat Packs

    FROM £13.95

    Neosorexa Gold mixed grain bait, packed into individual sachets. Contains difenacoum.

    Note: No more than 1.5kg of rat bait can be purchased in one transaction.

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    Nettex Anti-Feather Pecking Spray

    FROM £5.95

    The first step in defence against feather pecking and bullying.

    Helps prevent biting, plucking and canaibalism. It contains a foul-tasting substance with a very strong ordour and most biting or plucking should cease after 1 – 2 days.

    Nettex Anti-Feather Pecking Spray also includes anti-bacterial agents that will help disinfect minor skin abrasions. These agents also help minimise the spread of bacterial infections and help support the healing process.

    How To Use

    Spary on to any affected areas including skin where feathers have been removed. Use on feathers should be avoided.

  • Nettex Digital Thermometer (Celsius)


    Rapid, easily read and accurate temperature reading (centigrade) of all animals.

    Especially useful for diagnosing hypothermia in lambs.

  • Nettex Ground Sanitising Powder

    FROM £4.99

    For use in coops and runs to help maintain a healthier environment for your poultry.


    • Helps maintain a low risk environment for poultry. This helps reduce exposure to health and performance compromising environment factors
    • Helps absorb moisture and the odour of faeces and organic matter, reducint the risk they pose to bird health
    • Extends bedding life
    • Provides disinfectant – contains Viratec-P

    How To Use

    Apply liberally where faeces and organic matter are prevalent. Once every 3 weeks shake powder over run and inside housing and nesting boxes ensuring a light coating is visible.

    There is no need to remove bedding but birds should be removed during application and can be returned after a few minutes.

  • Nettex Herbal Gut Conditioner

    FROM £7.95

    A 100% natural formulation to help support gut hygiene and the digestive system.

    Allium Sativum – a natural disinfectant to help maintain a fresh and healthy gut

    Syzgium Aromaticum – to support healthy bowel function and movement

    Juglans Nigra – a natural cleanser

    Artemisia Absinthium – an extract of wormwood

    How To Use

    Add 1ml (1 pump) of Herbal Gut Conditioner to 50ml of fresh drinking water per bird for 3 consecutive days per month.

    The quantity of fresh water available should be less then usual to ensure consumption.

  • Nettex Louse Powder

    FROM £4.95
    • Ready-to-use Permethrin based insecticidal powder
    • Combines a rapid knockdown and kill with a sustained residual activity
    • Especially effective against lice and fleas it will also kill most crawling and flying insects

    For use on hard porous and non-porous surfaces, soft furnishings, pet bedding, skirting boards, inside door frames, animal houses and sheds.

  • Nettex Mineral Boost with Probiotics & Seaweed (450g)


    Nettex Poultry Mineral Boost with Probiotics and Seaweed is a nutritional feed for laying hens containing high levels of limestone and oyster grit to assist digestion and support shell quality.


    • Seaweed helps to support yolk colour
    • Added calcium supports shell health and strength
    • Probiotics help support immune function and gut health
    • Aniseed encourages the bird to feed and support appetite

    How To Use

    Add Mineral Boost to feed twice a week to support optimum health.

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    Nettex Myti Fencer Wire Strainer

    • Leaves both hands free for hammer and staples
    • Will strain any type or gauge wire including barbed, plain and electric, sheep/pig mesh and all types of netting
    • Straining to fixing no more than 30 seconds
    • Will not damage the surface of the wire
  • Nettex Myti Pliers Fencing Pliers

    • High quality steel fencing pliers
    • Multi-functional – wirecut, grip, hammer
    • 10 Year guarantee
  • Nettex plastic scoop (1kg)

    • Multi-purpose feed scoop
    • 1kg feed capacity
    • Strong durable plastic
    • Easy to clean
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    Nettex Poultry 4 in 1 Ready to Use Disinfectant (500ml)


    Poultry 4 in 1 Disinfectant kills bacteria and viruses associated with poultry disease.

    • Suitable for feeders and drinkers
    • Sanitises hatching eggs and eating eggs
    • Sterilises wild bird feeders and drinkers
    • Use on all incubating equipment

    How To Use

    Spray directly onto all equipment and utensils once a week, and leave to dry.

    When using an incubator to hatch, ensure all incubator parts are disinfected thoroughly before use. Any hatching eggs should be wiped carefully with cold disinfectant solution before setting in the incubator.

    For use as an egg wash, spray directly on to the eggs and leave to dry. Dry matter may be wiped off the egg carefully. Egg wash will not affect the egg integrity.

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    Nettex Poultry Nutri Drops (30ml)


    Nettex Poultry Nuti-Drops is a fast acting pick-me-up packed full of vitamins and minerals, including extra B vitamins, to help support birds in stressful situations. The support is rapid and noticeable.


    • Instant energy source for weak birds – energy levels may improve in as little as 30 minutes.
    • Provides immune supporting vitamins during periods of environmental stress, e.g. when feed intake is depressed at high temperatures.
    • Helps support peak egg production at times when maximum stamina and energy are required.
    • Helps support the bird during periods of stress, such as during vaccination, handling and following antibiotic treatment when feed absorption can be disrupted.
    • Helps support appetite and feed efficiency.
    • Aids in the preparation for onset of lay.
    • Consider using when introducing a new bird to an established flock, as this is a very stressful experience for a bird.

    How To Use

    Administer 1ml per 1kg of body weight (average weight of an adult bird is 2.5kg) directly into the mouth of the bird for a minimum of 3 days.

    Use for up to a period of 5 days.

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    Nettex Poultry Starter Kit (for up to 8 birds)


    Nettex’s Poultry Starter Kit has been designed to provide all the necessary products essential to help maintain and improve the health and vitality of your flock.

    It’s a great way to see how Nettex products work together to improve the welfare of your chickens.

    The kit contains:

    • Total Mite Kill Powder (200g)
    • Total Mite Kill Aerosol (250ml)
    • Herbal Gut Conditioner (100ml)
    • Ground Sanitising Powder (500g)
    • Vitamin Boost+ Seaweed Liquid (100ml)
    • FREE feed scoop & sachet of seaweed, and a Nettex Poultry product guide
    • Contained in a large bucket, useful for skipping out or even feed storage

    Suitable for up to 8 birds. It should last at least 8 weeks (some products will last longer).

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    Nettex Poultry Wound Spray (200ml)


    A highly effective, powerful anti-bacterial wound cleansing aerosol spray. Specifically formulated for application to minor external wounds, grazes or in skin punctures requiring immediate attention.

    When applied a violet residue is left, indicating the affected area has been covered. The residue also helps disguise the appearance of any blood to help prevent bullying and pecking.

    How To Use

    Simply spray over the affected area.

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