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    Nettex Fly Repellent Shampoo

    FROM £4.50

    Nettex Fly Repellent Shampoo is D.E.E.T based and designed to coat the hair to give extra protection.

    • D.E.E.T based, low foaming, easy rinse shampoo
    • Removes sweat, dirt and grease
    • Gives added protection when used in conjunction with Nettex Fly Repellent Standard or Nettex Fly Repellent Advanced.
  • Nettex Fly Repellent Standard

    FROM £7.99

    Nettex Fly Repellent Standard is a highly effective D.E.E.T based repellent that won ‘Best in Test’ in Your Horse July 2013 Issue.

    • High strength D.E.E.T based formulation with added moisturises and conditioners providing up to 24 hour protection
    • Perfect for sensitive skinned horses and ponies
    • Provides protection against flying insects and biting midges.
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    Nettex Fly Repellent Wipes

    • Pot of 50 D.E.E.T based wipes with added moisturises and conditioners
    • Quick and easy to use
    • Ideal for horses and ponies that do not like sprays
    • Can be used around sensitive areas such as eyes, nose, ears, muzzle, dock, sheath and teats
    • For maximum protection, use in conjunction with Nettex Fly Repellent Standard or Nettex Fly Repellent Shampoo
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    Nettex Footmaster Aerosol Spray

    FROM £4.49

    Nettex Footmaster is a concentrated disinfectant spray for the effective support of livestock foot health.

    • Foot conditions in livestock are not only a health and welfare issue but also have a significant impact on growth and production
    • Prompt and effective application at the first signs of a condition with Nettex Footmaster will rapidly support foot health.
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    Nettex Frog Health Spray (250ml)

    • Powerful antibacterial and antiseptic formulation that helps dry and reduce discharge from the frog
    • Will help maintain a healthy sole and frog all year round
    • Helps support foot health when faced with challenging conditions
    • Ideal for horses on box rest or living out in wet conditions
    • Use once weekly or as necessary to maintain good hoof health
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    Nettex Gut Balancer

    FROM £23.00
    • A highly effective prebiotic and probiotic, natural yeast formulation that balances and enhances digestibility for all round health and vitality
    • Calms irritable horses often showing improvement within 3 – 5 days for horses and ponies of any age
    • Helps maintain a healthy stomach with normal acid levels
    • Helps maintain good digestive health, reducing the likelihood of weight loss, loose droppings, windsucking, biting, box walking and discomfort when girthed up
    • Digestive health is essential during stressful situations such as competition and travelling
    • Feed after periods of illness or medication to help maintain digestive health

    Directions for use

    Loading rate:

    Horses up to 500kg: Feed 25g twice a day for 3 days.
    Horses over 500kg: Feed 30g a day for 3 days.
    Ponies: Feed 20g a day for 3 days.

    Maintenance level:

    Horses up to 500kg: Feed 25g a day.
    Horses over 500kg: Feed 30g a day.
    Ponies: Feed 15g a day.

    In times of stress feed at loading rate.
    A heaped (20ml) scoop will weigh approx. 25g.


    Key Ingredients: Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Diamond V, Fructo & Mannan Oligosaccharides, Brewers Yeast, Zinc, Iron, Copper, Vitamins A, D3 and E.

    Contains no added sugar.


  • Nettex Hi-Shimmer Coat Spray (300ml)


    Nettex Hi-Shimmer Coat Spray is the ultimate shimmer spray for those special occasions.

    • Deluxe dual purpose spray for an outstanding hi-gloss finish to coats, manes and tails
    • Ideal for all colour coat types
    • Gives unrivalled sparkle under artificial or natural lighting
    • Gives quarter markings a stunning shine
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    Nettex Itch Stop Salve Summer Freedom

    FROM £17.50

    Nettex Itch Stop Salve Summer Freedom repels midges with up to one application per week.

    • Preventative strategies are the key to itch control
    • Use early in the year before the season starts with a once weekly application
    • Soothes, sanitises and disinfects existing sores helping to break the itch, scratch and rub cycle
    • Repels against new bites and promotes hair regrowth
    • Weather resistant, simple to apply and will not matt the horse’s hair
    • 600ml tub can last for up to 6 to 8 weeks
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    Nettex Joint & Muscle Maintenance Powder (1kg)

    • Bio-available molecules of Glucosamine and Chondroitin to ensure higher absorption into the bloodstream
    • Glucosamine and Chondroitin are key building blocks of cartilage and are needed for both maintenance and help protect joints from wear and tear
    • Can be fed to horses of all ages and disciplines to help maintain healthy joints and muscles in later years
    • Supports and maintains muscle elasticity and flexibility to give optimum performance
    • Anti-oxidants to aid muscle recovery

    Directions for use

    Horses and ponies in light/medium work:

    Horses up to 15hh: Feed 25g per day.
    Horses over 15hh: Feed 30g per day.
    Ponies up to 14.2hh: feed 20g per day.

    Hard working & performance horses:

    Horses up to 15hh: Feed 30g per day.
    Horses over 15hh: Feed 35g per day.
    Ponies up to 14.2hh: Feed 25g per day.

    A heaped (20ml) scoop dispenses approximately 15g.


    Key ingredients: Glucosamine hydrochloride (>99% purity), Chondroitin, MSM, Hyaluronic acid, Curcumin extract, Bromelain, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Vitamins C & E, Glycine, Glutamic acid.

  • Nettex Lavender No-Rinse Wash

    FROM £5.99
    • Nettex No-Rinse washes are for dilution in warm or cold water and applying with a sponge to remove sweat, dirt and grease
    • Remove excess water with a sweat scraper and leave to dry naturally. No need to give a full bath
    • Use to calm and relax your horse after strenuous exercise and help soothe minor knocks, grazes and bruising
  • Nettex Louse Powder

    FROM £4.95
    • Ready-to-use Permethrin based insecticidal powder
    • Combines a rapid knockdown and kill with a sustained residual activity
    • Especially effective against lice and fleas it will also kill most crawling and flying insects

    For use on hard porous and non-porous surfaces, soft furnishings, pet bedding, skirting boards, inside door frames, animal houses and sheds.

  • Nettex Mane & Tail Detangler

    FROM £6.50

    Nettex Mane & Tail Detangler is a premium quality formulation that leaves manes and tails soft, silky and tangle free in an instant.

    • Instant detangler that seals and coats the hair preventing knots and reduce grooming time
    • Apply to wet or dry manes and tails to leave hair soft, shiny and clean
    • Non-sticky/ non-oily formula that prevents hair breaking
    • Helps repel dust and dirt
    • Best in test winner in Your Horse magazine for 2015
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    Nettex Muddy Marvel Barrier Cream

    FROM £10.50

    Nettex Muddy Marvel Barrier Cream is a breathable and highly effective waterproof barrier that provides antibacterial protection against wet and muddy conditions. This advanced formula will moisturise and maintain elasticity of the skin to prevent drying and cracking and chapping of the skin.

    • A breathable and highly effective waterproof barrier cream.
    • Contains antibacterial agents to help against wet and muddy conditions.
    • Use regularly to protect skin from wet and muddy conditions.
    • Can be applied to any area that needs to be protected.
    • One application lasts 7 days.

    Made in the UK.

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    Nettex Muddy Marvel De-Scab (100ml)

    • A highly penetrative solution that gently softens scabs for easy removal
    • Removes the need to pick scabs causing them to bleed and reform
    • Cleanses the skin and does not harm healthy tissue
  • Sold out

    Nettex Muddy Marvel Disinfect (100ml)

    • A powerful anti-bacterial and anti-septic formulation that eradicates the bacteria leading to scabs in wet and muddy conditions
    • Instantly sanitises the skin and dries rapidly
    • Apply after using De-Scab (if scabs have been present) and apply before Muddy Marvel Barrier Cream
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