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  • Nettex Summer Fly Cream for Horses (600ml)


    Nettex Summer Fly Cream is a highly effective formulation ideal to protect sensitive areas from flies.

    • D.E.E.T based, non-greasy, readily absorbed fly cream
    • Combined with Lanolin and Glycerine to keep skin soft and prevent from drying out
    • Can be used around sensitive areas such as eyes, nose, ears, muzzle, dock, sheath and teats
    • For added protection, use in conjunction with Nettex Fly Repellent spray or Nettex Fly Repellent Shampoo.
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    Nettex Summer Hoof Moisturiser (500g)


    Nettex Summer Hoof Moisturiser is a high quality, breathable cream which aids in maintaining moisture levels within the hoof during the summer months.

    • Promotes and works to maintain healthy, supple hooves.
    • Breathable formulation to maintain hoof suppleness and aid moisture retention.
    • Supple hooves are less likely to suffer cracks, splits and chipping.
    • Contains an advanced blend of moisturising agents to help maintain the ideal moisture balance.
    • Contains Biotin, Lanolin and Keratin to maintain and sustain healthy hooves.
    • Use daily through the summer to promote and maintain healthy hooves.
  • Nettex Sure Wrap Cohesive Bandages

    • Flexible multi-purpose use cohesive bandage
    • Easy to apply, self-adhesive, water resistant and lightweight
    • Combines softness, strength and durability
    • Non-slip offers support and protection
    • No compromise in quality
    • 10cm x 4.5m (stretched)
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    Nettex Tack Cleaning Wipes

    • Pot of 50 easy to use wipes that can be used on all types of leather
    • Provides an instant shine to all leather tack and accessories
    • Ideal to use at shows or for a quick clean when time is short
    • Antibacterial agents to cleanse leather, this is especially important if tack is shared by other horses and ponies
    • Contains Neatsfoot oil for suppleness
    • Ideal to use in between your weekly thorough strip clean
  • Nettex Traditional Hoof Balm (500g)

    • A breathable formulation to maintain hoof suppleness
    • Helps protect against cracks, splits and chipping bought on by regular concussion
    • Strengthens hooves in their natural development and promotes hoof growth
  • Nettex Traditional Hoof Oil (400ml)

    • Alcohol-free formulation oil that will nourish and protect whilst allowing the hoof to breathe
    • Contains antibacterial agents for added protection and to promote hoof hygiene
    • Gives an instant show ring shine
    • Suitable for all hoof colours and types, will not discolour hooves
    • Can also be applied to sole of hoof to condition
    • Economical to use, a little goes a long way
    • Brush applicator is included for easy application and less mess
    • Suitable for daily use, allows hooves to breathe
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    Nettex Traditional Pig Oil

    FROM £11.95
    • Provides a lustrous shine for show animals
    • Prevents coat staining
    • Helps tackle problem lice
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    Nettex Traditional Tack Cleaner

    FROM £4.49
    • A simple to use, spray on wipe off quick and efficient tack cleaner to remove dirt, sweat and grease
    • Antibacterial agents prevent cross infection from shared tack and prevent build-up of mould
    • Weatherproofs leather and does not rot stitching
    • Non-greasy formulation
    • Penetrates deep into the leather to lift ground-in grime
    • Can be used on all shades of leather as it will not strip the leather of its natural colours
    • Use in conjunction with Nettex Traditional Tack Conditioner for a complete leather care treatment
  • Nettex Traditional Tack Conditioner

    FROM £4.99
    • Contains natural oils to penetrate deep into the leather
    • Keeps leather soft, supple and weather resistant
    • Easily absorbed
    • Helps to prevent the build-up of mould and will not rot stitching
    • Provides a lustrous finish
    • Antibacterial agents to sanitise shared tack
    • Use in conjunction with Nettex Traditional Tack Cleaner for a complete leather care treatment
  • Nettex Veterinary Multi-Purpose Cotton Gauze

    FROM £8.95
    • Easy to apply, hygienic, soft, highly absorbent dressing for wound management, protection or bandage support
    • Low adherent properties
    • Can be used for exercise and travelling or as stable wraps to reduce filled legs, give joint warmth or help reduce stiffness
    • Can be folded if necessary to increase thickness for added support and warmth
    • 350g fill flosses well when shaken before application
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    Nettex Veterinary Surgical Scrub

    FROM £5.99

    An immediate, antimicrobial skin cleanser.

    • Fast acting, broad spectrum, antibacterial skin cleansing liquid scrub
    • Kind to the skin, and suitable for use all over the body
    • Surgical scrub can be used for any application where hygiene is of paramount importance; including veterinary pre and post-operative procedures

    Directions for use:

    After wetting hands with water, apply approximately 3.5ml of Surgical Scrub and rub in thoroughly for one minute, add a little extra water to develop a lather and finally rinse off with running water.

  • Nettex Whitening Shampoo

    FROM £6.95

    Nettex Whitening Shampoo is a specialised formulation to produce a dazzling effect.

    • Removes grass and stable stains from coats, manes and tails
    • Optical whiteners produce amazing colour enhancement for whites, greys and coloured horses
    • Can be used diluted or neat for deep stains
  • RedTop Fly Trap


    Simple to use, disposable, outdoor trap – catches up to 20,000 flies.

    Does not attract bees. Non-toxic, biodegradable bait, does not contain pesticides.

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    Rutland Electric Fencing Battery Lead and Clip – Straight Terminal


    The Rutland Electric Fencing Battery Lead and Clip with straight terminal (spade connection) consists of crocodile jaws made from stainless steel for long life.

  • Rutland Electric Fencing Earth and Live Lead Set


    The Rutland Electric Fencing Earth and Live Lead Set consists of crocodile jaws made from stainless steel for long life and a set of leads for fence and earth connections that fit all battery models.

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