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  • Nettex Lavender No-Rinse Wash

    FROM £5.99
    • Nettex No-Rinse washes are for dilution in warm or cold water and applying with a sponge to remove sweat, dirt and grease
    • Remove excess water with a sweat scraper and leave to dry naturally. No need to give a full bath
    • Use to calm and relax your horse after strenuous exercise and help soothe minor knocks, grazes and bruising
  • Nettex Mane & Tail Detangler

    FROM £6.50

    Nettex Mane & Tail Detangler is a premium quality formulation that leaves manes and tails soft, silky and tangle free in an instant.

    • Instant detangler that seals and coats the hair preventing knots and reduce grooming time
    • Apply to wet or dry manes and tails to leave hair soft, shiny and clean
    • Non-sticky/ non-oily formula that prevents hair breaking
    • Helps repel dust and dirt
    • Best in test winner in Your Horse magazine for 2015
  • Nettex One Step Animal Shampoo

    FROM £7.50
    • Low foaming, easy to use and suitable for all livestock and horses
    • Will cleanse and condition the coat, skin and pores to improve health and appearance
    • Contains cosmetic grade ingriedents
  • Nettex Plaiting Spray

    FROM £7.75

    Nettex Plaiting Spray gives a perfect grip to make plaiting manes and tails easier.

    • Unique formula to aid plaiting without damaging hair
    • Simply brushes through after removing plaits to leave hair soft and manageable
    • Long lasting – a little goes a long way
    • Can be applied to tails before bandaging to keep hair flat
  • Nettex Quick Gloss Hoof Spray (300ml)


    Nettex Quick Gloss Hoof Spray is an easy to apply high shine hoof gloss spray suitable for competition use for a last minute touch up and everyday use.

    • Hi-gloss spray for instant show ring shine.
    • Quick drying formula, ideal for last minute touch ups.
    • No mess, no waste and will not stain or mark white legs or light coloured hair.
    • Suitable for all hoof colours and types.
    • Prevents school surface or grass sticking to the hooves.
    • Ideal for your show bag.
  • Nettex Stain Remover Spray

    FROM £7.50

    Nettex Stain Remover is a powerful formulation to remove in-ground grass and stable stains quickly and effectively.

    • Quickly and effectively removes ingrained grass and stable stains
    • Suitable to use on all skin types and coat colours
    • Use regularly to prevent the build-up of stains on the coat
  • Nettex Traditional Hoof Balm (500g)

    • A breathable formulation to maintain hoof suppleness
    • Helps protect against cracks, splits and chipping bought on by regular concussion
    • Strengthens hooves in their natural development and promotes hoof growth
  • Nettex Traditional Hoof Oil (400ml)

    • Alcohol-free formulation oil that will nourish and protect whilst allowing the hoof to breathe
    • Contains antibacterial agents for added protection and to promote hoof hygiene
    • Gives an instant show ring shine
    • Suitable for all hoof colours and types, will not discolour hooves
    • Can also be applied to sole of hoof to condition
    • Economical to use, a little goes a long way
    • Brush applicator is included for easy application and less mess
    • Suitable for daily use, allows hooves to breathe
  • Sold out

    Nettex Traditional Pig Oil

    FROM £11.95
    • Provides a lustrous shine for show animals
    • Prevents coat staining
    • Helps tackle problem lice
  • Nettex Whitening Shampoo

    FROM £6.95

    Nettex Whitening Shampoo is a specialised formulation to produce a dazzling effect.

    • Removes grass and stable stains from coats, manes and tails
    • Optical whiteners produce amazing colour enhancement for whites, greys and coloured horses
    • Can be used diluted or neat for deep stains
  • NEW

    Tubtrugs Hoof Pick – Assorted Colours


    The ultimate hoof pick designed with a comfortable rubber grip, strong metal pick and a tough bristled brush.

    • Rubber grip on handle
    • Strong metal pick for removing dirt
    • Tough bristles on brush to clean around hooves
    • Hook hole in handle for easy storage
    • Lightweight design
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