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  • Nettex Myti Fencer Wire Strainer

    • Leaves both hands free for hammer and staples
    • Will strain any type or gauge wire including barbed, plain and electric, sheep/pig mesh and all types of netting
    • Straining to fixing no more than 30 seconds
    • Will not damage the surface of the wire
  • Nettex Myti Pliers Fencing Pliers

    • High quality steel fencing pliers
    • Multi-functional – wirecut, grip, hammer
    • 10 Year guarantee
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    Nettex Myti-Lyte MK II (Lamb Foot Rot Shears)

    FROM £0.95
    • Multi use, lightweight foot shear is designed for small hands
    • Narrow pointed blades reach hard to access areas
  • Nettex Non Vac Bottle


    500ml boilable polycarbonate bottle complete with teat and collar

    • 38mm extra wide neck for easy filling, with a strong plastic collar to ensure secure fixing of the teat
    • Extra tough to prolong life and calibrated for accurate feeding, sterilise by boiling
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    Nettex Non Vac Bottle Rack System (4 Non Vac Bottles & Teats)


    Innovative multi-lamb feeder for effective rearing of orphan lambs

    • Feed one to four lambs simultaneously and unattended
    • Coated for long life, the bottle rack system can be fixed to the front of the pen or on hung fences, walls etc
    • Comes complete with fixing screws, four non-vac bottles, non-vac teats and collars
  • Nettex Non Vac Teat

    FROM £0.95
    • Specially designed isoprene teat with unique moulded in vacuum release valve
    • Bulbous teat end encourages more rapid acceptance by lambs
    • Hollow cone tip allows flow of milk to be regulated
  • Nettex One Step Animal Shampoo

    FROM £6.95
    • Low foaming, easy to use and suitable for all livestock and horses
    • Will cleanse and condition the coat, skin and pores to improve health and appearance
    • Contains cosmetic grade ingriedents
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    Nettex Orph Paste (500ml)


    An easy to apply antibacterial topical cream for application to skin lesions.

    • Sheep and goats particularly lambs can suffer from a disease characterised by scabby lesions around the mouth and nostrils
    • This is commonly seen in young lambs and their ewes and in older lambs in late summer
    • This is not usually a severe disease, but the lesions can become secondarily infected
  • Nettex plastic scoop (1kg)

    • Multi-purpose feed scoop
    • 1kg feed capacity
    • Strong durable plastic
    • Easy to clean
  • Nettex Premium Metal Drench Gun

    FROM £24.95
    • Robust 10ml or 30ml auto drencher
    • Metal body with accurate settings
    • For sheep and cattle
    • Includes spare parts and tubing
  • Nettex Professional Fly Killer (4.5L)

    • Ready-to-use contact killer with residual activity
    • Targets species such as, flies, mosquitoes, wasps, ants, gnats, cockroaches, earwigs, midges, beetles, lice, bristletails, silverfish, fleas, moths, mites and ticks
    • For use in and around buildings and yards including dairies, milking parlours, animal houses
    • Suitable for commercial premises such as food storage areas, refuse tips and greenhouses

    Can be used on hard porous and non-porous surfaces.

  • Nettex Prolapse Ewespoon (Pack of 4)

    Traditional well known product that includes an extra tying position for stability.
  • Nettex Promark Marker Spray (400ml)


    A step forward in the identification market,  Nettex Promark is a premium, long lasting, fully scourable, professional marker spray for sheep farmers.

    • Available in seven vibrant colours: red, blue, green, orange, yellow, purple and black
    • Waterproof, long-lasting yet fully scourable
    • Rapid drying formulation
    • Works on both wet and dry fleeces
    • Guaranteed not to clog when spraying
  • Nettex Protector – Broad Spectrum Disinfectant (2.5L)

    • Powerful broad-spectrum disinfectant for livestock housing, equipment and general farm use
    • Specifically formulated for disease control in all livestock product, and effective in the presence of high organic soiling
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    Nettex Pull On Lamb Teat


    Superior rubber for supple, strong walls

    • Bulbous teat end encourages fast acceptance by lambs
    • Hollow cone tip permits milk flow regulation, cut at end for slow flow or nearer base for increased flow
    • Fits most household bottles
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