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  • Nettex Non Vac Bottle


    500ml boilable polycarbonate bottle complete with teat and collar

    • 38mm extra wide neck for easy filling, with a strong plastic collar to ensure secure fixing of the teat
    • Extra tough to prolong life and calibrated for accurate feeding, sterilise by boiling
  • Sold out

    Nettex Non Vac Bottle Rack System (4 Non Vac Bottles & Teats)


    Innovative multi-lamb feeder for effective rearing of orphan lambs

    • Feed one to four lambs simultaneously and unattended
    • Coated for long life, the bottle rack system can be fixed to the front of the pen or on hung fences, walls etc
    • Comes complete with fixing screws, four non-vac bottles, non-vac teats and collars
  • Nettex Non Vac Teat

    FROM £0.95
    • Specially designed isoprene teat with unique moulded in vacuum release valve
    • Bulbous teat end encourages more rapid acceptance by lambs
    • Hollow cone tip allows flow of milk to be regulated
  • Nettex One Step Animal Shampoo

    FROM £6.95
    • Low foaming, easy to use and suitable for all livestock and horses
    • Will cleanse and condition the coat, skin and pores to improve health and appearance
    • Contains cosmetic grade ingriedents
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    Nettex Orph Paste (500ml)


    An easy to apply antibacterial topical cream for application to skin lesions.

    • Sheep and goats particularly lambs can suffer from a disease characterised by scabby lesions around the mouth and nostrils
    • This is commonly seen in young lambs and their ewes and in older lambs in late summer
    • This is not usually a severe disease, but the lesions can become secondarily infected
  • Nettex plastic scoop (1kg)

    • Multi-purpose feed scoop
    • 1kg feed capacity
    • Strong durable plastic
    • Easy to clean
  • Nettex Premium Metal Drench Gun

    FROM £24.99
    • Robust 10ml or 30ml auto drencher
    • Metal body with accurate settings
    • For sheep and cattle
    • Includes spare parts and tubing
  • Nettex Professional Fly Killer (4.5L)

    • Ready-to-use contact killer with residual activity
    • Targets species such as, flies, mosquitoes, wasps, ants, gnats, cockroaches, earwigs, midges, beetles, lice, bristletails, silverfish, fleas, moths, mites and ticks
    • For use in and around buildings and yards including dairies, milking parlours, animal houses
    • Suitable for commercial premises such as food storage areas, refuse tips and greenhouses

    Can be used on hard porous and non-porous surfaces.

  • Nettex Prolapse Ewespoon (Pack of 4)

    Traditional well known product that includes an extra tying position for stability.
  • Nettex Promark Marker Spray (400ml)

    FROM £4.95

    A step forward in the identification market,  Nettex Promark is a premium, long lasting, fully scourable, professional marker spray for sheep farmers.

    • Available in seven vibrant colours: red, blue, green, orange, yellow, purple and black
    • Waterproof, long-lasting yet fully scourable
    • Rapid drying formulation
    • Works on both wet and dry fleeces
    • Guaranteed not to clog when spraying
  • Nettex Protector – Broad Spectrum Disinfectant (2.5L)

    • Powerful broad-spectrum disinfectant for livestock housing, equipment and general farm use
    • Specifically formulated for disease control in all livestock product, and effective in the presence of high organic soiling
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    Nettex Pull On Lamb Teat


    Superior rubber for supple, strong walls

    • Bulbous teat end encourages fast acceptance by lambs
    • Hollow cone tip permits milk flow regulation, cut at end for slow flow or nearer base for increased flow
    • Fits most household bottles
  • Nettex Rope Halter (Small)


    Traditional style sturdy rope for sheep and smaller animals. White.

  • Sold out

    Nettex Rubber Lamb Puller


    The Lamb Puller is hygienic and manufactured in rubber to be softer and kinder to lambs during birth. Unlike traditional rope, the lamb puller will not damage or scald the legs.

  • Nettex Septi-Clense Wound Spray Clear (500ml)


    An advanced anti-bacterial barrier wound spray that helps soothe and cleanse contaminated minor cuts and scratches

    • Keeps the wound moist allowing the affected area to heal naturally from the inside without drying and cracking, gentle on healthy tissue
    • Perfect for use on flexible areas that are hard to heal such as knees and hocks
    • Helps promotes rapid skin and hair regrowth
    • Gentle on healthy tissue
    • Suitable for use on all livestock and pets
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