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Horse Mud Control

Our range of horse mud control products are designed to maintain healthy skin during muddy and wet conditions.

  • Nettex Muddy Marvel Barrier Cream

    FROM £7.95
    • Breathable, waterproof barrier that maintains skin elasticity and prevents bacteria from penetrating the skin
    • Use regularly to protect skin from wet and muddy conditions
    • Can be applied to any area that needs to be protected
    • One application lasts 7 days
  • Nettex Muddy Marvel De-Scab (100ml)

    • A highly penetrative solution that gently softens scabs for easy removal
    • Removes the need to pick scabs causing them to bleed and reform
    • Cleanses the skin and does not harm healthy tissue
  • Nettex Muddy Marvel Disinfect (100ml)

    • A powerful anti-bacterial and anti-septic formulation that eradicates the bacteria leading to scabs in wet and muddy conditions
    • Instantly sanitises the skin and dries rapidly
    • Apply after using De-Scab (if scabs have been present) and apply before Muddy Marvel Barrier Cream
  • Nettex Seven Day Mud Away

    FROM £4.95
    • Prevents mud sticking to the coat allowing quick removal of soil by simple brushing
    • Provides a barrier against mud related conditions – less washing legs in the winter
    • Can be used all year round
    • Application required only once a week
  • Nettex Traditional Pig Oil

    FROM £11.95
    • Provides a lustrous shine for show animals
    • Prevents coat staining
    • Helps tackle problem lice

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