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Nettex Nutri-Scour 5 in 1 For Calves (100g sachets)

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A dietetic complementary feed for the stabilisation of water and electrolyte balance to support the physiological digestion

  • The result of scours in calves is inevitably dehydration
  • The consequences of dehydration include reduced feed intake, a weakened immune system and in severe cases death
  • With its 5 in 1 formula incorporating natural fibre from psyllium husks to absorb water and electrolytes to restore fluid and salt balance in the small intestine, Nutri-Scour 5 in 1 helps support gut health
  • Feeding Nutri-Scour at the first sign of scours will rehydrate and help restore gut health

Contains: Vitamins and trace elements

How To Use

100g per 2 litres of water, twice daily

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