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    Supalyx Horse & Pony Nimble (3kg)


    A complete all round molasses based vitamin and mineral feeding block lick that supplements dietary requirements which may be lacking in everyday feed and forage

    • Contains selected supplements to help maintain healthy joints
    • Feel all year round as part of your joint care regime

    Direction for use

    As with any new feed, introduce gradually into the diet before allowing free access. Ensure adequate forage or grazing is always available. Daily intakes may be up to 400g per head – this is influenced by other feeds available, forage quality, work load, age and size.


    Molasses, Protein, Minerals, Trace Elements, Vitamins, Diamond V Yeast Culture, Glucosamine, Methysulfonylmethane (MSM), Cod Liver Oil and Vitamin C.

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    Tastylyx Apple, Mint, Carrot – 3 pack

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    SALE – Note slight damage to outer cardboard packaging.

    Natural flavoured horse treats that can be used to reward or alleviate boredom during periods of stabling to prevent the onset of stable vices.

    • Apple, Carrot and Mint flavoured, made of Glucose syrup, Dextrose and Plant extracts
    • Decrease boredom and stress, which can lead to vices such as crib biting, weaving, wind sucking, door banging, box walking, wall and door licking

    Directions for use

    Remove lid, turn tub upside down and tap on a firm, even surface so the lick slides out. Remove central insert before hanging from a holder (Tastylyx will fit standard holders). Tastylyx are designed to be hung freely away from a solid surface to avoid over consumption.
    Not intended for human consumption.

    Recommended daily intake: As a guide, expected daily intake is up to 100g, depending on frequency, period of use and amount of hard feed, forage & grazing available.


    Glucose syrup, Dextrose and Plant extracts. Contains only natural colours and flavouring.

    SALE – Note slight damage to outer cardboard packaging.

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