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Nettex Multi Lamb Rapid

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Gets ewes up and feeding within hours!

Multi Lamb Rapid is a fast working, high energy nutritional complex for ewes carrying multiple lambs. A 45ml feed will help support a ewe’s energy and nutritional needs FAST – exhausted ewes can be fully recovered within a few hours.

  • When it is cold and wet and there is little energy and goodness in grass and forage, ewes will transfer their bodily reserves into their lambs
  • The result of this is the condition twin lamb disease
  • Ewes suffering from twin lamb disease, and the lambs they are carrying, are at high risk of death if they are not treated
  • Ewes can be rehabilitated successfully with fast acting, easy to administer Multi Lamb Rapid

Contains: Propan 1, 2 diol, cane molasses, amino acids, vitamins and minerals

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45ml per feed

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