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Nettex Cobisel Bolus

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A slow release 25-day cobalt supplement for finishing lambs that also delivers iodine, selenium and multi-vitamins. Cob-I-Sel is available with or without added copper

COB-I-SEL 25 has been developed specifically to help maintain optimum cobalt levels in rapidly growing lambs finishing at grass and produce quality carcasses at finish. Its formulation also makes it ideal for targeted use during the ewe’s production cycle, such as at pretupping or around lambing.

  • The majority of UK grazing is cobalt deficient, particularly if it has been improved with practices such as liming
  • Cobalt is required for rumen synthesis of vitamin B12 and vitamin B12 is required for energy production
  • There is very little storage capacity in the body for cobalt and Vitamin B12, so the animal relies on a daily intake from feed, forage or grazing
  • If forage or grazing is lacking in cobalt, animals become cobalt deficient very quickly, and may suffer from the resulting condition known as pine
  • Pine will cause poor growth and wool quality in lambs resulting in small lambs with poor body condition. These lambs will take far longer to finish resulting in significantly increased days to slaughter and inferior carcass quality

Contains: Cobalt, iodine, selenium, multi vitamins and (copper)

How To Use

Lambs 1 x micro bolus

Ewes 2 x micro bolus

Administer from five weeks of age

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