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Lambing Products

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    Nettex Lamb Feeder Bucket (6 teat)

    • Multi-lamb feeder for effective rearing of orphan lambs
    • Up to 10 litre capacity
    • Can be fixed or hung to the pen
    • Long lasting durable plastic
  • Nettex Lamb Kick Start (100ml)


    A rapid energy boost for small, weak and growing lambs.

    Lamb Kick Start is a glucogenic energy source to aid the elevation of blood glucose levels in weak lambs.  The addition of key ingredients in this supplement ensures it is especially formulated to support lambs in the critical first few days of life.

    • Lambs are born with just enough energy to stand and suckle, but this energy runs out quickly
    • Lambs that don’t get up and suckle are at risk from hypothermia and death
    • Easy to administer Lamb Kick Start supports fading lambs with rapidly available energy, aiding suckling.

    Contains: Propan 1, 2 diol, cane molasses, vitamins and minerals.

    How To Use

    4ml orally

    25 feeds per 100ml

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    Nettex Lamb Macs (Pack of 100)


    Foul weather kills lambs

    Lamb Macs will help protect against hypothermia by keeping out wet and wind.

    Designed to slip over the lamb’s head and secured by all four legs for maximum security, comfort and protection.

  • Nettex Marksman Marker Spray (400ml)


    Approved by the British Wool Marketing Board, Marksman marker spray has provided farmers with a reliable stock marking solution for more than 20 years.

    • Available in vibrant colours: red, blue, green
    • Weather resistant and fully scourable
    • Quick drying formulation
    • Works on both wet and dry fleeces
    • Suitable for use on sheep and cattle
  • Nettex Myti-Lyte MK II (Lamb Foot Rot Shears)

    FROM £0.99

    Nettex Foot Rot Shears

    • Multi use, lightweight foot shear is designed for small hands
    • Narrow pointed blades reach hard to access areas
  • Nettex Non Vac Bottle


    500ml boilable polycarbonate bottle complete with teat and collar

    • 38mm extra wide neck for easy filling, with a strong plastic collar to ensure secure fixing of the teat
    • Extra tough to prolong life and calibrated for accurate feeding, sterilise by boiling
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    Nettex Non Vac Bottle Rack System (4 Non Vac Bottles & Teats)


    Innovative multi-lamb feeder for effective rearing of orphan lambs

    • Feed one to four lambs simultaneously and unattended
    • Coated for long life, the bottle rack system can be fixed to the front of the pen or on hung fences, walls etc
    • Comes complete with fixing screws, four non-vac bottles, non-vac teats and collars
  • Nettex Non Vac Teat

    FROM £0.95
    • Specially designed isoprene teat with unique moulded in vacuum release valve
    • Bulbous teat end encourages more rapid acceptance by lambs
    • Hollow cone tip allows flow of milk to be regulated
  • Nettex Prolapse Ewespoon (Pack of 4)

    Traditional well known product that includes an extra tying position for stability.
  • Nettex Promark Marker Spray (400ml)

    FROM £4.95

    A step forward in the identification market,  Nettex Promark is a premium, long lasting, fully scourable, professional marker spray for sheep farmers.

    • Available in seven vibrant colours: red, blue, green, orange, yellow, purple and black
    • Waterproof, long-lasting yet fully scourable
    • Rapid drying formulation
    • Works on both wet and dry fleeces
    • Guaranteed not to clog when spraying
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    Nettex Pull On Lamb Teat


    Superior rubber for supple, strong walls

    • Bulbous teat end encourages fast acceptance by lambs
    • Hollow cone tip permits milk flow regulation, cut at end for slow flow or nearer base for increased flow
    • Fits most household bottles
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    Nettex Rubber Lamb Puller


    The Lamb Puller is hygienic and manufactured in rubber to be softer and kinder to lambs during birth. Unlike traditional rope, the lamb puller will not damage or scald the legs.

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    Nettex Spare Latex Tube


    Spare latex tube for Nettex Colostrum Feeder (Syringe)

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  • Nettex Twin Lamb Solution (450ml)


    Nettex Twin Lamb Solution is a fast working, energy complex for ewes carrying multiple lambs. A 45ml dose will provide a ewe with the energy she requires quickly. Exhausted ewes can show improvement in only a few hours.

    Contains: Propan 1, 2 diol, cane molasses, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

    How To Use

    45ml per feed

    10 feeds per 450ml

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