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Our range of quality horse grooming products are designed to keep your horse or pony looking its best every day.

  • Cottage Craft Junior Grooming Kit


    An essential grooming kit for the young rider. The kit comes in an easy to carry bag containing:

    • Body Brush
    • Dandy Brush
    • Plastic Curry Comb
    • Mane Comb
    • Hoof Pick.
  • NEW

    Magic Brush – Set of 3


    The Magic Brush is a versatile brush that gets your horse perfectly clean!

    • Can be used on the coat, legs and hooves
    • Mud, dirt and dried sweat can be easily removed
    • Massages your horse during grooming
    • Removes horse hair from riding clothes and saddle cloths
  • Nettex Blemish Cover Up Spray (250ml)


    Nettex Blemish Cover Up Spray is ideal for showing classes to hide those unwanted blemishes.

    • Innovative make up spray designed to hide all unwanted blemishes, scars and bald patches
    • Rapid drying, long-lasting and water resistant formula
    • Available in black or white
  • Nettex Citronella No-Rinse Wash

    FROM £3.75

    Citronella No-Rinse Wash is ideal for use during summer months to wash horses off, leaving the zesty fragrance of citronella.

    • Can be diluted in warm or cold water and sponged on to remove sweat, dirt and grease from all coat types
    • Remove excess water with a sweat scraper and leave to dry naturally. No need to give a full bath
    • Use in between competition classes, after exercise or a long, hot day in the field to refresh and restore coat condition
  • Nettex Coat Shine

    FROM £4.13

    Nettex Coat Shine is a premium quality formulation that seals and coats the hair. Very economical as a little goes a long way.

    • Ultimate coat dressing to produce a stunning, high shine finish to all coat types and colours
    • Non-oily formulation, seals and coats hair, repels dust, dirt and prevents staining
    • Use as a pre-clipping spray to reduce clipping lines on clean coats.
  • Nettex Curry Comb Double Sided


    Double sided curry comb.

  • Nettex Everyday Conditioning Shampoo

    FROM £4.96

    Nettex Everyday Conditioning Shampoo is a mild formulation ideal for daily use.

    • Low foaming, ease rinse, conditioning shampoo
    • Ideal for daily use on all coat types to leave a smooth lustrous finish
    • Does not remove the coat of its natural protective oils
  • Nettex Eye & Nose Wipes


    Nettex Eye & Nose Wipes are a multi-purpose wipe which have been designed to gently care for sensitive skin.

    • Pot of 50 natural and hygienic, solvent free wipes to cleanse sensitive areas including eyes and nose, dock, teats and around the ears
    • Effectively remove tear stains and dirt/ debris build up around delicate areas
    • Impregnated with Witch Hazel, Glycerine and Camomile extracts to sooth, cleanse and moisturise
  • Nettex Fly Repellent Shampoo

    FROM £3.29

    Nettex Fly Repellent Shampoo is D.E.E.T based and designed to coat the hair to give extra protection.

    • D.E.E.T based, low foaming, easy rinse shampoo
    • Removes sweat, dirt and grease
    • Gives added protection when used in conjunction with Nettex Fly Repellent Standard or Nettex Fly Repellent Advanced.
  • Nettex Hi-Shimmer Coat Spray (300ml)


    Nettex Hi-Shimmer Coat Spray is the ultimate shimmer spray for those special occasions.

    • Deluxe dual purpose spray for an outstanding hi-gloss finish to coats, manes and tails
    • Ideal for all colour coat types
    • Gives unrivalled sparkle under artificial or natural lighting
    • Gives quarter markings a stunning shine
  • Nettex Lavender No-Rinse Wash

    FROM £3.75
    • Nettex No-Rinse washes are for dilution in warm or cold water and applying with a sponge to remove sweat, dirt and grease
    • Remove excess water with a sweat scraper and leave to dry naturally. No need to give a full bath
    • Use to calm and relax your horse after strenuous exercise and help soothe minor knocks, grazes and bruising
  • Nettex Mane & Tail Detangler

    FROM £4.13

    Nettex Mane & Tail Detangler is a premium quality formulation that leaves manes and tails soft, silky and tangle free in an instant.

    • Instant detangler that seals and coats the hair preventing knots and reduce grooming time
    • Apply to wet or dry manes and tails to leave hair soft, shiny and clean
    • Non-sticky/ non-oily formula that prevents hair breaking
    • Helps repel dust and dirt
    • Best in test winner in Your Horse magazine for 2015
  • Nettex One Step Animal Shampoo

    FROM £5.79
    • Low foaming, easy to use and suitable for all livestock and horses
    • Will cleanse and condition the coat, skin and pores to improve health and appearance
    • Contains cosmetic grade ingriedents
  • Nettex Plaiting Spray

    FROM £4.96

    Nettex Plaiting Spray gives a perfect grip to make plaiting manes and tails easier.

    • Unique formula to aid plaiting without damaging hair
    • Simply brushes through after removing plaits to leave hair soft and manageable
    • Long lasting – a little goes a long way
    • Can be applied to tails before bandaging to keep hair flat
  • Nettex Stain Remover Spray

    FROM £4.13

    Nettex Stain Remover is a powerful formulation to remove in-ground grass and stable stains quickly and effectively.

    • Quickly and effectively removes ingrained grass and stable stains
    • Suitable to use on all skin types and coat colours
    • Use regularly to prevent the build-up of stains on the coat
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