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  • Nettex Fly and Maggot Killer (450ml)

    • Powerful, fast acting insecticidal spray formulated to kill most flying and crawling insects
    • Safe for using in food preparation and livestock areas, it destroys flies, mosquitoes, blowfly and maggots
    • For use only as an insecticide, as a surface spray and space treatment.

    Contains: Tetramethrin, Permethrin, d-Phenothrin and Pyrethrums.

  • Nettex Fly Strike Plus Spray – Blowfly Repellent (250ml)

    • Effective blowfly repellent
    • Combination of two fly repellents, an antibacterial  action to clean and disinfect minor wounds, and easily absorbed oils and lanolin’s to provide long term repellent action whilst soothing irritation
    • Each application leaves a weather resistant film
  • Nettex Footmaster Aerosol Spray

    FROM £3.99

    A concentrated disinfectant spray for the effective support of livestock foot health.

    • Foot conditions in livestock are not only a health and welfare issue but also have a significant impact on growth and production
    • Prompt and effective application at the first signs of a condition with Footmaster will rapidly support foot health.
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    Nettex Fresh Calver Electrolyte (1kg sachets)

    FROM £46.99

    A palatable supplement for the freshly calved cow to provide energy, calcium and electrolytes

    • The calving period is a critical phase in the lactation cycle
    • A successful start for cows and calves is essential
    • Calving cows are at risk of dystocia, hypocalcaemia, displaced abomasum and reatined foetal membranes
    • Fresh Calver provides:

    – Immediately available energy
    – Electrolytes to aid rehydration post calving
    – Available calcium to help support increased demand
    -Vitamin E and selenium to help support cleansing

    Contains: Energy, Electrolytes and Calcium

    How To Use

    1kg in 15-20L of water, immediatley post calving

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    Nettex Hoof Cutter Heavy Duty (40cm)

    • Forged steel Construction
    • Designed for heavy duty use
    • 40cm
    • Soft grip handles
    • Interchangeable blades
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    Nettex Hoof Cutter Spare Blades


    Designed for heavy duty use – to be used with Nettex Hoof Cutter

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    Nettex Hoof Knife

    • High quality stainless steel
    • Comfort grip wooden handle
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    Nettex Hydra-Scour Calf Electrolyte (48 x 100g sachets)


    Nettex Hydra-Scour is indicated for calves. In case of risk of, during periods of, or recovery from digestive disturbance (diarrhoea).

    This 3 in 1 oral rehydration formula contains energy, electrolytes and an alkalising agent to help resolve diarrhoa quickly.

    • Calves suffering from scour will dehydrate quickly
    • An effective and easy to use oral rehydration product is a must-have on all farms

    At the first signs of diarrhoea feed 2 litres of prepared Hydra-Scour solution twice daily for at least 2 days. If milk feeding is to be continued, ensure a 3 hour gap between electrolyte and milk feeding.

    Contains: Dextrose, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Acetate, Potassium Chloride, Monoammonium Phosphate.

    How To Use

    100g of powder in 12 litres of warm water, twice daily.

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    Nettex Keto Gold

    FROM £9.99

    A glucogenic energy source for reduction of the risk of ketosis.

    Formulated to help get cows back on their feet as quickly as possible pre and post calving, Keto Gold provides cows with an immediately available source of energy. It is also packed with vitamins, amino acids and trace elements. Give to ketotic, lethargic, off their feed and performance compromised cows, especially around calving. Can be given to any calving cow as a precautionary measure.

    • Ketosis occurs when the cows energy supply has been exhausted  and she mobilises body fat reserves to combat this energy deficit
    • Fat enters the blood stream where it is transported to the liver for processing. This method of energy production produces ketones as a by-product, resulting in ketosis and the classic “pear drops smell”
    • Fast acting bovine rapid provides ketotic cows with vital sources of energy

    Contains: Propan 1, 2 diol, cane molasses, vitamins and minerals

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    Nettex Lameless Ready to Use – formerly Dermaphenox (500ml)


    An on-the-spot, powerful trigger spray application providing a triple level solution to a range of foot problems in sheep and cattle.

    LAMELESS Ready To Use incorporates a combination of nontoxic antibacterial actives to rapidly kill the bacteria that can be associated with lameness problems, and an effective reinforcing agent to help support foot health.

    • Foot rot in sheep and digital dermatitis in cattle are two of the most prevalent and costly foot health conditions on farm
    • Application at first sight of the powerful formulation contained in LAMELESS Ready To Use can help provide effective support for foot health on farm

    Contains: Benzalkonium chloride, phenoxyethanol, glutaraldehyde.

  • Nettex Louse Powder

    FROM £4.95
    • Ready-to-use Permethrin based insecticidal powder
    • Combines a rapid knockdown and kill with a sustained residual activity
    • Especially effective against lice and fleas it will also kill most crawling and flying insects

    For use on hard porous and non-porous surfaces, soft furnishings, pet bedding, skirting boards, inside door frames, animal houses and sheds.

  • Nettex Marksman Marker Spray (400ml)


    Approved by the British Wool Marketing Board, Marksman marker spray has provided farmers with a reliable stock marking solution for more than 20 years.

    • Available in vibrant colours: red, blue, green
    • Weather resistant and fully scourable
    • Quick drying formulation
    • Works on both wet and dry fleeces
    • Suitable for use on sheep and cattle
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    Nettex Medicated Conditioning Dairy Udder Wipes Refill (1000)


    Formulated to disinfect, soothe and condition sore and cracked udders and teats

    • Use for the hygiene of the teats and udder before attaching milking plant, as an aid to the control of mastitis and general udder care
    • Use one udder wipe per cow, having first removed any heavy contamination from the teats
  • Nettex Milk Suckling Preventer

    • Spiked plastic or aluminium construction
    • Adjustable
  • Nettex Myti Fencer Wire Strainer

    • Leaves both hands free for hammer and staples
    • Will strain any type or gauge wire including barbed, plain and electric, sheep/pig mesh and all types of netting
    • Straining to fixing no more than 30 seconds
    • Will not damage the surface of the wire
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